Soil Stabilization for Decaying Tree Root Systems

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Everyone has seen a sidewalk disrupted by heaving tree roots. Similar issues occur when tree roots disrupt other structures such as foundations, garage floor slabs, swimming pools, parking lots, etc. When this occurs, trees are usually removed and the stumps ground down to the surface. But what happens to the root systems, which can be up to 10 feet deep and 50 feet wide? As all that organic material starts to break down, it leaves voids in the soil, destabilizing any nearby structures or just leaving unsightly depressions in the soil.

When Camrock Foundations is called in for a free inspection on a case like this, we thoroughly probe the soil to determine the extent of the problem. Based on our findings, we then calculate injection spacing and depths. We typically drive the injection rods in a grid pattern, four to five feet apart. We then perform a multi-tiered injection at each injection point, from up to 10 feet deep. During the process, we may adjust injection depths and locations as needed as the decaying roots are encapsulated and the soil is stabilized at all levels.

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