Pool Deck Stabilization in the Tampa Bay Area

Camrock Foundations specializes in pool deck stabilization. We are based out of Lutz, Florida, and service the entire Tampa Bay Area. Pool deck repair is in high demand in the state of Florida for various reasons. Some of the most common needs for pool deck repair can be contributed to the construction of the pool and how it was built. First things first, when pools are initially built there is almost never proper compaction to the soils ahead of time. Adding to this problem the pool builder digs the hole for the pool, pushes the remaining dirt off to the sides, and then pours concrete or pavers over the top. This results in improper compaction to the soil which will set up future problems with settlement.

A few years ago changes were made in the building code to force pool builders to increase the size of the footers that go around the pool deck when supporting any type of load such as a screen enclosure. This has helped in more recent years pool builds, but what about the majority of the pools that were built beyond five years ago? We are seeing a lot of these older pools having settlement issues around the outside of the pool deck due to insufficient footing sizes. This can be extremely problematic, especially if there is a slope in your backyard. We heavily rely on the footing in the ground or a retaining wall to help prevent the footing from settling when there is a downward slope behind the pool.

Another common reason for pool settlement is from leaks in the pool itself. A lot of pools have been leaking for a long time before anyone notices or does about it. The problem with this is when you have a leaking pool, it is likely that it is undermining something else such as taking away soils from somewhere else. When this occurs, it is bound to cause some settlement issues. This loss of soil stability will cause settlement issues every time.

The good news to all of this is we at Camrock Foundations have solutions for any of the above issues. We have multiple variations of our poly grouting solutions that will solve any type of soil problem. We also have multiple pier solutions that will support any footing issue. Call today and get your free inspection!

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