Manhole Repair in the Tampa Bay Area

These are the signs a manhole or underground piles are leaking causing surface depressions.

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Camrock Foundations specializes in manhole repair. We are based out of Lutz, Florida, and service the entire Tampa Bay Area. Our manhole sealing and stabilization process is a fast and cost-effective process that eliminates the need for excavation. To repair the manhole we would use a high-density polyurethane chemical grout to seal and stabilize the manhole. This sewer repair process can be used in all forms of pipes, including reinforced concrete pipes, brick pipes, cast iron pipes, clay pipes, reinforced concrete pipes, corrugated metal pipes, etc. The injections can be made from either within the pipe or from the surface. Additionally, the injections can be made vertically and horizontally. The polymers are not affected by water so they can be injected into highly saturated environments.

An additional benefit of using chemical grout for sewer repair is the chemical grout can re-establish the weight bearing capacity of the support soils around the lateral lines and can even lift any structures above the location. This may include buildings, roadways, manholes or any water control structures.

Benefits of Manhole repair
  • No-Excavation
  • Quick and Cost-Effective
  • Re-establish Bearing Capacity
  • Lift, Level, Stabilize

Manhole Leak Repair

A manhole that is leaking can cause unnecessary damage to the environment and if left untreated can be very costly to repair.  Water leaks create voids or empty spaces that can lead to sinkholes and roadway collapses. Chemical Grouting is a low cost, durable repair method for manholes that can prolong the life of the structure.

Storm Culvert Leak Repair

Storm culverts transport large volumes of water. If these culverts begin to leak, it will bring exterior soil into the storm culvert.  This can often lead to sinkholes above. Chemical grouting these structures is a non–excavation repair technique in which we will seal any leaks and stabilize soils. Unlike cement grouts, chemical grouts add little to no weight to the surrounding soils. Injection of storm culverts can be achieved by manned entry or via probe grouting from above when there is not feasible access.

Injection Methods for Culvert Repair

Manned Entry Method

  • All joints need to be identified and inspected for any possible concrete repair that may need to be performed prior to the injection process.
  • Wide joints should be packed using oakum rope and chemical grout to minimize waste and contain injection grout in the joint. Once prepared, injection can be performed.

Probe Grouting Method

  • Map off leaks using a CCTV camera.
  • Measure out and mark locations on the street or soil above.
  • Drill holes though street or soil above at each location.
  • Insert injection pipe to a depth of one foot below bottom of repair point.
  • Start injecting a rate of 1 gallon per foot stopping at the top of the pipe.

It is important to remember that a leak is a constant and continuous problem. A small leak can eventually lead to a larger leak, which can eventually become catastrophic if left untreated. The longer the repair is delayed, the more expensive the repair becomes. 

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