Pre-Construction in the Tampa Bay Area

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Camrock Foundations specializes in pre-construction. We are based out of Lutz, Florida, and service the entire Tampa Bay Area. When it comes to options for pre-construction soil or structural stabilization there is no one size fits all approach.  Depending on the soil profiles, the engineer will customize a specific stabilization plan accordingly. Here are a few of our soil stabilization techniques and also our structural application:

  • Compaction grouting– if there is a potential sinkhole or any deep soil issues that are found our compaction grouting process is a great option before preparing the land to build. 
  • Chemical grouting– if the upper soils are loose or looking to strengthen the bearing capacity before pouring your slab look no further then our chemical grouting options. 
  • Helical piles– Helical Piles are designed to resist loads for most foundation applications.  We use lightweight, standard equipment and they are installed fast.  When using this process, there is no concrete that needs to be cured.  This allows for loading immediately, keeping you in control and on schedule.
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