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Camrock Foundations specializes in seawall repair. We are based out of Lutz, Florida, and service the entire Tampa Bay Area.

About Seawalls

A seawall is a structure that separates land and water areas.  In Florida, seawalls ae a vital need for many residential and commercial properties.  They help form a barrier from the body of water on one side and the other side contains the soils that are keeping the property intact and safe for people and structures.  Both seawalls and retaining walls need to be properly maintained to ensure ongoing reliability.  There are a number of reasons that seawalls could begin to deteriorate or fail.  Depending on when your seawall was built, there could have been lower quality protocols at that time in which the methods and materials used are not current with today’s standards.  Long term exposure to the elements such as salt corrosion, currents, tides, storm surge, boat wakes, and heavy rain all can weaken the seawall over time.  Adding more stress and pressure to the seawall can be from the land side such as heavy rains and irrigation.


Signs of a Compromised Seawall

If your seawall is beginning to fail or show signs of deterioration, there will likely be visual evidence.  You may notice some of these common problems if your seawall is compromised:

  1. Cracks throughout the seawall or the cap
  2. Yard depressions
  3. Bubbling water from the ground
  4. Small sinkholes along the seawall
  5. Bowing or leaning of the seawall


Seawall Repair Methods

There are a few different seawall repair methods that Camrock Foundations will leverage depending on the unique condition of your seawall and what is causing the problem. 

  1. Polyurethane Grout – Leveraging Camrock Foundations’ polyurethane grout to repair your seawall is the most ideal and cost-effective approach.  Our poly grout is strong, lightweight, and environmentally safe.  In this type of repair, we inject the poly grout into the deep holes behind the seawall to fill these holes and voids that have formed from the tides or soil erosion over time.  The poly grout reinforces the seawall and strengthens the soils to prevent further erosion. 


*It is very important to note that you should never try to repair holes or voids in your seawall yourself by using concrete.  Given that concrete is very heavy, it can sink into the ground and create additional voids or added stress to the structure.

  1. Installation of Jet Filters – It is important to balance the hydro-static pressure on both sides of the seawall to ensure proper integrity.  The water pressure is affected by various factors such as the obvious large body of water on one side, rain, and also any irrigation system that is on the land side.  One way to equalize the pressure on the seawall is to install hydro-static pressure jet filters which will allow water to flow back into the large body of water and maintain a proper amount of pressure.
  2. Seawall Cap Repair – Seawall caps play a critical role in keeping the wall panels in their place.  It is possible for these seawall caps to crack or break which can cause significant damage to the structure.  It is critical to identify this issue and repair it in a timely manner to avoid additional issues.


Each seawall condition is unique and will need an inspection to diagnose what is causing the deterioration or failure.  The earlier these problems are addressed, the easier it will be to correct the issue.  Allowing the seawall to continue to weaken and worsen over time will add additional expense, time, and money to correct the problem.  Call Camrock Foundations today to schedule your free Seawall inspection.

Stabilizing Soil Behind Seawall

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Filling Voids Under Seawall Cap

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