Soil Stabilization in Brandon, FL

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Camrock Foundations specializes in soil stabilization. We are based out of Lutz, Florida, and service the entire Brandon Area. Soil stabilization is the process used to densify existing soils by leveraging either chemical grouting or compaction grouting. There are many techniques within each of these services that we will recommend based on the specific soil profile and what desired outcome we are trying to achieve.

· Shallow soil issues- Whether the shallow soil issue is from poor compaction before construction, buried debris, tree roots, organic breakdown, clay soil, or improper drainage these are all common issues that will lead to Foundation issues or concrete settlement. Depending on which of these is causing the problem we will design one of our poly grouting methods to stabilize the existing soils. By injecting a poly grout material into the ground, it will expand to densify the soils and increase their load-bearing capacity.

· Deep soil issues- Most of the time deep soil issues are referred to as sinkholes or a potential sinkhole risk. These are commonly repaired through a procedure that leverages compaction grouting. Compaction grouting is a process in which we pump low-slump grout into the soils to once again densify the soils. A lot of times the pumping process starts on the limestone layer and works its way up from there to densify the soils on the way. The purpose of starting at the limestone is it seals up the existing limestone where some of the problems could have started. From there, we will gradually pump up to 10-20ft from the surface.

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