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Camrock Foundations specializes in foundation repair. We are based out of Lutz, Florida, and service the Palm Harbor area. Foundation repair is the work needed to repair the concrete base or slab that your home sits on. This type of repair is needed when the foundation of your house, building, or surrounding structures are damaged. This damage can occur over time from structural or environmental causes. Some of the most common causes of foundation damage is from pooling water by heavy rains or drainage issues that cause poor compaction of the soils. The poor compaction will cause the soils to shift which leads to cracks, leaks, and structural failures of the house. Some of the other causes of foundation damage can occur from poor construction, insufficient footings, pipe leaks, organic decay in the soils, sinkholes, fluctuations of water table, and buried debris. Given that your home is supported by the foundation, it can cause various structural damage and dangerous problems such as cracked walls in the shape of a staircase crack, sloping floors from settlement sinking, doors sticking, sagging ceilings, window separation, burst pipes or other plumbing issues.

The type of foundation repair that is needed for your specific situation will depend on what is causing the issue and how severe it is. The different types of foundation repairs include underpinning, helical piers, drill piers, push piers, and grout injection piers. You can also do methods of compaction grouting, chemical grouting, slurry grouting and permeation grouting that will stabilize the soils which will then stabilize the foundation. If you are experiencing foundation damage, it is important to have your home repaired to maintain the overall structural integrity. The longer that the repair is delayed could lead to secondary issues arising that could add to the issue. Lastly, a damaged foundation will decrease the value of your property and correcting the issue will restore the value. In fact, there is an argument to be made that homes that have reinforced foundations as a result of foundation repair are more stable structurally than homes without foundation repair.

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