Concrete Lifting in Brooksville, FL

Camrock Foundations specializes in concrete lifting. We are based out of Lutz, Florida, and service the entire Brooksville Area. Do you have an uneven concrete slab such as a sloping floor in your house, cracked pool deck, driveway, sidewalk, walkway, or uneven steps? An uneven walkway is both a safety issue and a liability to the homeowner. There are a variety of issues that can cause uneven concrete slabs. Some of the most common causes of unlevel surfaces are from tree roots, organics, poorly compacted soils, deeper problematic foundation soils, clay, and drainage problems initiated by a lot of rain. The tree roots can push against the slab, causing parts of the exterior to become uneven. The reverse effect is when tree roots start rotting and breaking down that causes the soils to depress and cause settlement to the concrete or foundation in that area. Soils expand when they soak up water and shrink when they dry out which can cause the slab to move over time. In addition, too much water under your concrete slab can wash soils away which will leave a void in their place. We offer various repairs for concrete lifting such as pool deck repair, driveway repair, or sidewalk repair. The way we solve for your concrete problem that needs to be lifted and leveled is by poly grouting techniques. This technique involves injecting a lightweight polyurethane foam under the concrete slab to lift it back to its original position. Our polyurethane foam is environmentally friendly and does not release any harmful chemicals into the soils. This repair is very fast and cost-effective solution which will allow you to start using the slab immediately.

Uneven concrete will continue to worsen over time. Call us today to schedule a free inspection by one of our foundation experts!

concrete lifting before and after
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